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Why You Should NOT Work on a Tree Removal Yourself

Reasons to Avoid Performing a Tree Cutting Yourself

You may be tempted to remove a tree if you own property and discover that one of your trees doesn’t fit well in your garden or offers a safety risk. After all, it can’t be that tough, right? Even though it might appear like a simple task, a lot can go wrong. So, we strongly advise against trying to do it yourself and leaving tree removal to the experts.

Risks of D-I-Y Removal: Why Removal of Trees Should Be Done By A Professional

Falling Injury

Injury from falling is the risk that comes with removals the most frequently. When cutting down dangerous trees, it may be essential to remove the branches first, which increases the likelihood of falling from the platform if your height or center of gravity exceeds what is deemed safe. Managing the procedure becomes significantly more difficult without the right training while using heavy tools like a chainsaw.

No Control Over Where The Tree Falls

It’s crucial to consider the possibility of misjudging where a tree’s branches and trunk will fall while chopping it down. You won’t be able to influence this. Even with safe DIY methods, a falling tree can still be dangerous to nearby homes, accidentally striking powerlines that could result in blackouts or hurt nearby occupants.

Also, if you choose not to hire a professional tree services firm to remove the tree, your insurance may not pay for any damage if the tree falls on your house.

Unstable Decayed Wood, Debris Falling

A tree removal service is required for various reasons, including the significant structural instability caused by dead or dying trees. A tree becomes unstable due to internal degradation; dead branches could fall at anytime. The risk of removing the tree yourself is that the debris may fall in an unsafe direction. It can hurt you and those around you and is quite unexpected.

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