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Two Easy Tree Trimming Steps to Protect Your Trees From Winter

Protecting Your Trees From Severe Winter Weather

Your trees are already responding to the cold weather of winter. As the nights get longer and temperatures to drop, your trees start preserving food. Don’t wait until the weather fully shifts to start protecting your trees for the winter season. Without proper preparation, your trees may sustain damage or even die. Certain species of trees — as well as young trees — are susceptible to sun scald, foliage damage from winter burn, root damage, or physical damage from falling ice or snow. Fortunately, there are two easy tree trimming steps you can take to protect your trees from severe winter weather.

Remove Dead Branches

Before you begin the work of protecting and strengthening your tree, you must first remove any dead or damaged branches. Survey your tree. Are there any limbs that appear to be dead, damaged, or diseased? Do any of them hang over your house or near your car? You may consider removing them. The stress of winter can cause unwanted breakage to these susceptible limbs, making them unsafe. This breakage can become aggravated by heavy weather such as snow or ice.


Now that unhealthy branches or trees have been removed, it’s time to have your tree pruned. Pruning is necessary to ensure a continued and fruitful growing season. However, pruning at the wrong time of year is a common mistake. Pruning a tree too early stimulates new growth and prevents the tree from going into natural dormancy. The perfect time to prune a tree is during its dormant season. Typically, this will be late fall or winter, depending on the variety of trees. Pruning while a tree is inactive is less stressful for the tree and increases its growth in spring.

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