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Expert Tree Pruning Service Explains the Best Time for Pruning Your Trees & Shrubs

The Best Time for Various Tree & Shrub Pruning Jobs

Pruning is one of the pivotal elements in keeping a landscape healthy and attractive. Although pruning plants can be a physically taxing activity, mastering this vital skill requires careful planning and mental preparation. Knowing when is the right time to prune plants is a critical element of pruning. The right timing contributes to beautiful, healthy, and prosperous plants. So, is it time to call a professional tree pruning service? For a clear understanding, read on!

Deciduous Plants and Shrubs

February through March is the optimal period to prune most deciduous trees. Due to the lack of foliage at this time of year, experts can see the tree and choose and remove the right limbs. On the other hand, the proper time to prune deciduous shrubs is determined by the plant’s growth pattern, bloom period, and health or condition. It is something professionals can guide you to the best.

Evergreen Hedges

Evergreen hedges and shrubs like juniper and yew should ideally get pruning in late March or early April before new growth starts. Mid-summer is a good time to call a tree pruning service for light pruning. Experts advise against pruning evergreen shrubs in the fall. Because fall-pruned evergreens are more vulnerable to winter injuries. However, pruning must be done at least twice a year to preserve their standard shape. Sometimes, even the healthiest hedges require pruning nearly every month.


Winter dieback usually affects the upper regions of modern roses, such as hybrid teas and grandifloras. After the winter cover is removed from modern roses in late March to mid-April, turn to your experts to clip out the dead wood. Many hardy shrub or landscape roses, including old garden roses and hybrid rugosas, survive with little to no winter damage. Rose varieties that bloom just once a year should be pruned right after bloom.

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