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Do You Need Emergency Tree Removal?

Do You Require Immediate Tree Cutting?

Do you believe you require emergency tree removal? It can be difficult to tell whether or not our trees are in good condition at times. That’s why tree experts are on hand to look for some warning signs that your tree may need to be removed. If you suspect something is wrong, it’s a good idea to have a professional inspect them and assess the tree’s health.

On that note, here are signs that trees will have to be removed.

The Tree Has a Hollow Trunk

Hollow trunks may provide a haven for birds and squirrels, but they also indicate that your tree is weakened due to structural damage. These cavities are frequently discovered when a limb falls off. It’s possible to test for hollowness by tapping the trunk with a rubber mallet and listening, but it’s usually much easier to call your local arborists, who will know if the tree is healthy enough to stay.

The Tree Has Dead Branches

While the occasional dead branch is normal and easily remedied by tree pruning, it could indicate something wrong with the tree. You want to remove those branches and see if the disease, pests, or decay has spread to the rest of the tree. Furthermore, if the fallen branches interfere with the tree’s overall structure, the entire thing may have to be removed.

The Tree Is Leaning

Trees can bend to one side for various reasons, including inclement weather, aging, and property structural changes. This is natural for the tree, but if the lean becomes too difficult for the rest of the tree or the surrounding property to handle, it jeopardizes the tree’s health and stability. If the tree develops a new lean or appears to be uprooted in any way, contact an arborist.

The Tree Is in a Hazardous Location

The trees around your home may be perfectly healthy, but they can sometimes endanger your safety in other ways. If the tree is very close to a house or power lines, more efficient pruning or removal may be required. Don’t wait for a severe storm to check on your trees! Be proactive and have a professional inspection performed.

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