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Damaged Tree Removal Tips by an Affordable Tree Service

Tree Removal Tips by Tree Care Experts

Storms might cause damage to fragile trees or branches hanging over buildings and cars in your area. Understanding what to check for after a storm in the trees surrounding your home or workplace can help you deal with problems quickly and prevent difficulties in the future.

Some tree problems can be identified after a storm has gone through your neighborhood.

When an Affordable Tree Service May Be Needed After a Storm

Look outside for the protection of your home after the storm has passed. This is because your trees may have been entangled with power lines. If you see this, you should contact your electrical provider immediately. Once you’ve determined no imminent threat, you can explore potential concerns.

Branches Pulling Away from the Trunk

If branches peel away from the trunk, they must be removed to avoid falling on buildings, cars, or people. To maintain your tree healthily, ensure these branches are clipped properly.

Torn Bark

While damaged bark may not appear to be a serious issue, these spots can serve as excellent hiding places for insects and diseases. Wounds must be soothed and healed to ensure the tree’s health.

Split Trees

If your tree was in poor condition before the storm, or if it was exceptionally severe, it may split right down the center. If this is the case, the tree will most likely need to be completely cared for.

Bent Trees

If your tree has developed a strange curve or is no longer straight, it will require some Attention. If the tree is healthy enough to be rescued, it may need to be secured, so it does not fall victim to the next storm. It is advisable to inspect a tree like this to ensure that it is not at risk of breaking and causing harm to nearby properties.

If you observe any changes in the trees surrounding your property after a storm, you should have an expert check the damage.

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