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Common Tree Removal Issues

Thinks to Consider Before Building a Tree House!

A tree house or custom-built tree house is a tree that is used to create a private space for the family. Tree house designs can range from the basic-ish to the excellent! Most tree house designs are made from dead trees that are cut to fit with existing trees, although some are built from scratch. Tree house building is not a simple matter of sawing and hammering, it requires specialized skills to build them safely. If you want to build a tree house on your property, make sure to consider the following tree removal issues:

A Dangerous Situation

If a tree house is being built in an area where other trees touch or are close to it, this can be dangerous. Tree clearance is needed occasionally to avoid tree house-related accidents. Any gaps or space around the tree house can result in problems, it can be damaged if the space around it shrinks or opens up during heavy rains. A tree house can cause damage to other trees, so make sure to check the area around it for any dangers.

Landscaping Issues

If you build a tree house, you will have to think about the impact it will have on your landscaping. This is because it needs to be cut to fit with the rest of the yard, which means you will have to clear some space around it. If you don’t do this and the tree house is unstable, it could damage trees and shrubs outside of it.

Both the Roots and Trunk Are Left

Making sure that the roots are not damaged is important. Some tree services that you’ll find online are hesitant to do this. Some of them just think that it won’t be a problem while others just don’t know how to deal with the roots properly.

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