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Affordable Tree Service Experts Explain the Hazards of Trees Growing Close to Power Sources!

Issues of Trees Growing Too Close to Power Lines!

Trees are a valuable part of our environment and landscaping. However, issues arise when trees grow too close to power lines. It poses a severe hazard including power outages and other electrical issues. To combat this problem, affordable tree service providers have developed unique techniques, such as pruning and tree removal. This blog delves into the problems with having trees near power lines.

Safety hazards

Trees growing too close to power lines can mean a safety hazard for both people and property. If a tree that is frail and sickly may break onto a power line. Such situations can cause power outages, damage power lines, and even pose a danger of electrocution to nearby residents!

Increased maintenance costs

Trees that grow too close to power lines can increase maintenance costs for nearby residents. Trees can interfere with power lines, causing them to sag or even break. This can result in costly repairs and maintenance for owners.

Reduced reliability

Trees that grow too close to power lines can also reduce the reliability of the power supply. If a tree comes into contact with a power line, it can cause power outages and disrupt the electricity supply to homes and businesses. This can be particularly problematic during severe weather events when power outages can occur more frequently.

Legal liability

Tree owners may be liable for any damage caused by trees that grow too close to power lines. If a tree falls onto a power line and causes damage, the property owner may have to bare the cost of repairs and any resulting legal fees. It is better to avoid such a situation by hiring tree professionals and safely removing such trees.

If you have trees dangerously close to power lines, then you should immediately seek the assistance of an affordable tree service specialist to remove or prune the tree as necessary. The experts of AA Top Tree Service In Margate can safely remove your trees and offer other beneficial tree services across Margate, FL. Give us a call on (954) 256-1134 today!