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3 Commercial Tree Removal Methods

How to Cut and Remove Trees?

If you need to trim, cut, or remove a tree on your property, you will need to do it properly. You can find a qualified tree service to do the job for you. However, if you have decided to do it on your own, you need to do your research and know what tools to use and how to properly trim, cut, or remove trees. While it’s highly encouraged to hire a professional, here are the three commercial tree removal methods that you can try:

Climbing and Cutting

To perform this method, you need to climb the tree and cut it with a chainsaw or pruning shears. You should climb the tree using a ladder. Once you are up in the tree, you need to remove any branches that are blocking the sunlight from growing healthy leaves. You can then use a chainsaw to cut the branches one at a time until you completely turn them down.


If the tree is too big for climbing, then you can use a limbing truck. This is a large, steerable truck with a heavy-duty crane that moves on caterpillar treads. Limbing trucks are custom-built for commercial tree removal and are often towed behind a semi-truck. The crane will lift a tree, which is attached to a chain, off the ground and cut it in half with a recoiler.


You can also remove trees using a skid steer. This is a large truck with caterpillar tracks that move on caterpillar treads. As the name implies, this truck will pull a skid load of tree stumps using a chainsaw. Skidding is a cheaper commercial tree removal technique than limbing or climbing, and it is often used when the tree is too big for normal tree-cutting methods.

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